Our Team

Learn about who we are, and why we founded Phynite.

Our Story

Like many great ideas throughout history, our plans for Phynite stemmed from one late-night conversation in a college dorm. As passionate collectors ourselves, our discussion revolved around our first-hand experiences with issues faced by all collectors: Item validity, high shipping fees/taxes, low transaction speed, inadequate user protections, and product security. Whether it was Andy never receiving his 2016 Charizard-Holo in the mail or even Will having his Off-White Nike Air VaporMax sneakers stolen during an in-person trade, our team had faced enough of the problems associated with collecting to know that collectors worldwide need better solutions.

The day after our dorm-room discussion, we immediately got to work building Phynite. Every day since, we’ve worked tirelessly to succeed in the mission we set for ourselves that night: Serve the unmet needs of collectors worldwide, and trailblaze a brighter future for digital collectibles as a whole.

Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

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