Adding Funds

Adding USDC to your Phynite Account is very simple. Use the following steps successfully to add USDC to your Phynite Account!

  1. Open Coinbase: Start by logging into your Coinbase account. You can use either the desktop version or the mobile app.

  2. Purchase USDC: In Coinbase, buy the amount of USDC (USD Coin) you plan to use.

  3. Prepare to Send USDC: After buying USDC, find your USDC balance in Coinbase. Click the three dots next to it and choose 'Send'.

  4. Enter Digital Wallet Address: Type in your Phynite account's digital wallet address. If you're not sure what your address is, you can find it in your Phynite account.

  5. Change the Network: During the sending process, change the network option to Polygon.

  6. Send USDC: After confirming all details, click 'Send now' to transfer your USDC to your Phynite account.

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