Asset Storage and Insurance

Unwavering Commitment to the Safety of Your Collectibles

Who is Crozier Fine Arts?

Crozier Fine Arts, a beacon of innovation and a fervent admirer of art, has been leading the global art storage industry for over four decades. With a sprawling 1.8 million square feet of premium art vaulting facilities, Crozier is at the forefront in 30 key locations across 11 major art markets worldwide.

Their comprehensive art logistics solutions, encompassing art handling, installation, packing, crating, and shipping, are backed by a team deeply versed in the nuances of art logistics, earning the trust of artists, collectors, galleries, and museums alike.

How does the storage of my collectible work?

In collaboration with Phynite, Crozier Fine Arts offers unparalleled security for your collectibles, stored in undisclosed, secure locations. Each item is meticulously encased in tamper-proof protective sleeves, equipped with Radio Frequency Identification Tags and security labels, assuring maximum safety and peace of mind.

Does it cost anything to store my collectible with Crozier Fine Art?

We provide a cost-free solution to safeguard your valuable items. Enjoy complimentary storage and insurance services, preserving the pristine condition of your assets without any additional expense.

What happens to lost or damaged collectibles?

As a global leader in art storage, Crozier is synonymous with security and excellence. In the rare event of loss or damage to your collectibles, rest assured that we will promptly notify you and reimburse the insured value directly to your digital wallet, ensuring your investment is always protected.

How can I ensure the authenticity of the collectibles listed on Phynite?

At Phynite, authenticity is non-negotiable. Every collectible is rigorously verified by renowned third parties such as PSA, Beckett, and CGC. Our mystery collections are sourced exclusively from suppliers renowned for their authenticity. Leveraging our deep connections with seasoned experts and investors in the trading card industry, we meticulously scrutinize every detail to authenticate each item, ensuring only the genuine make it to our esteemed clients.

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